Nokia 9 PureView and its five rear cameras leak once again

Nokia 9 PureView and its five rear cameras leak once again

Flagship phones with just one rear camera are becoming rare, and apparently two sensors on the back isn’t enough either. Nokia’s upcoming flagship, the Nokia 9 PureView, has previously been rendered with a whopping five cameras on the back, and this latest leak from Evan Blass confirms the camera setup.

This is the first press render we’ve seen – previous leaks have included live prototype shots and 3D renders. The highlight here is obviously the very trypophobia-inducing array of cameras, which is almost certainly more of a marketing gimmick than a necessity for higher-quality photos. Nonetheless, it is getting people talking about it, which has to be worth something.

Also noteworthy is the fingerprint graphic on the lock screen, which strongly hints at the in-display fingerprint sensor that has been widely speculated to be on the 9 PureView. Android One branding is on the glass back, but that’s no surprise. We still haven’t heard any information on pricing or availability, but with all this hardware, it definitely won’t be cheap.

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